MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH suffers because men are less likely than women to seek help for depression, substance abuse and stressful life events due to these three factors — social norms, reluctance to talk, and downplaying their symptoms. According to Mental Health America, Six million males suffer from depression each year.  Read more….

July 25th is Self-Care Month

Self-care is the proactive act of taking care of and honoring your body,mind, and spirit Read more….

Francis & Associates, PC opened its doors in March 1994 as a small, for profit, minority and woman owned mental health practice located in Washington, DC. We specialize in providing therapeutic services for children, individuals, groups and families. We also provide expert technical consultation and evaluation services to federal, state, and local governmental agencies in a variety of human service endeavors. Providing culturally relevant and innovative clinical treatment modalities and high quality task-centered training to meet the needs of our clientele are the primary goals of Francis & Associates' commitment of excellence to our clientele.